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Who We Are

Flight Partners Capital is an early stage investment firm. We invest in young companies and, depending on the needs of the business, offer mentorship, board representation and advice to management to help them grow their companies, access additional capital, and navigate the ups and downs of the marketplace. 

We seek companies that have proprietary and disruptive technology, relatively low capital costs, large addressable markets, speedy product development and the prospect for high margins.  


Our Investments

We invest in convertible debt and equity of early stage companies.  We also provide advice in structuring investments and will take a lead position in a financing where warranted.  Our typical investment ranges from $250,000 to $1,000,000, although we will invest significantly more when we find the investment thesis compelling. We also reserve capital for follow-on financings of companies in our portfolio.

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Why Us?

We're more than investors.  We help entrepreneurs grow their companies and become successful. We're also part of an early stage investment group, GOOSE Capital (https://www.goose.capital/), whom we can call upon to make additional investments when the business needs more initial capital, or more follow-on capital, than we are prepared to provide by ourselves.


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